Watch an American man asking intelligent Nigerians to leave Nigeria if they want to get ahead.

A video of an American man speaking about Nigeria is currently trending on social media.


In the video, a white man seen being interviewed by a Nigerian journalist made some remarks about Nigeria. Though the things the man said are quite bitter to swallow, a lot of Nigerians have pointed out that his words are not far from the truth.


He said:

Everything that I’ve ever heard about Nigeria… If you don’t open your pocket and pay off everyone, from the lowest to the highest, you don’t get anything done.

And I’ve read Nigerian artists, I mean writers, and they all seem to say that.

Also, now in Nigeria, if you are an intelligent Nigerian, you need to get out of that country if you want to get ahead. Because the powers that be there want to hold everybody down, especially women and especially intelligent people.


Watch the video below.


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