We Smell Romantic Sparks Between Khloe And K. Brule

Big Brother Naija is all about expressing one’s self, whether emotionally, physically, romantically whatever the case and it’s the reason we all keep glued on our TVs; simply to see how people express their personalities.

At first, Khole wasn’t loved by many viewers who felt that she was imitating Bisola’s strategy of being a bully.

Khloe is noted for being over-opinionated, saying the wrong things and wait for it… food. She’d been throwing punches and hanging on that ‘I don’t care’ tip. Her behaviour has been so controversial that it almost looks deliberate.

For K. Brule’s case….Oooh just pity, the guy has been receptive to Khloe’s insults, disrespect, going mute sometimes when he couldn’t handle. Worse still, he suffered the shame of being denied a kiss by Anto plus handling Biggie’s strike.

It all seemed that the pair wasn’t compatible at all, but as days go by, It turns out that the two are developing chemistry between them.

Hints of a possible romantic spark started after K. Brule decided to crack his shell open and put Khloe in her place, telling her to stop screaming at him and calling him stupid; she seems to have a new found respect for her partner.

They sat cosily and awkwardly exchanged kindness yesterday, proving that Khloe must having been putting up a front and turning off her emotional side because by the looks of things, K. Brule seems to be willing to give this pair thing another shot and she isn’t objecting it at all.

She even mentioned what a nice person he really is. Could it be that asking K. Brule to man up and stand his ground is a sign that Khloe might be interested in igniting a romantic spark?

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