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Majid Michel Advises Parents To “Teach Children What God’s Righteousness Is”

Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel has advised parents to “teach our children what God’s righteousness is”.

In an instagram post, the actor said in as much as parents will train their children to be respectful, cultured and so on, “outside of Christ, it is possible that our children may fall into any crime in the book”

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“Let me give a word of advice to parents. Raising your children to conform to the rules and regulations of a particular society is not enough. You may raise them to be disciplined, cultured, refined, and respectful. You may give them the latest shoes, gadgets and introduce them to the latest movies. You may teach them when to enter a room, how to sit down, when to rise, how to be seated at a dinner table without slouching and keeping their back straight and elbows off the table etc.

you may instruct them on how to pick the children from the bone without touching it with their fingers, and all of the other rules and regulations of the community to which you belong. Teach them to say good afternoon after they return from school and not to litter the compound etc. but the Bible calls this your (own human) righteousness. The Apostle Paul said it this way…I know that no good thing dwells in me, that is in my body (Romans 7).

We need to teach our children what God’s righteousness is, and that it is found only in Jesus Christ. Outside of Christ, it is possible that our children may fall into any crime in the book”.

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