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Kafui Danku Announces Her Maiden Book ‘Silence Is Not Golden’

Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku has announced her maiden book, ‘Silence Is Not Golden’ musings of an untold story.

According to Kafui, while she was going through her pregnancy face (3 miscarriages prior to the conception and birth of her daughter, Lorde) she realized that a lot of other women were going through similar faces while their emotions were suppressed sinking them into heart rendering situations of depression.

After some eye-opening encounters and knowledge, she gave birth to her first book SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN which answers the question “Why keep silent to prove that you are strong when in truth you are being weakened?”

Silence Is Not Golden has solution for women who are childless and have been on the journey before not forgetting men who understand the journey and are supportive of their women who go through that face.

Silence Is Not Golden is available for pre-order on with the official launch coming in a few weeks. The book can also be pre-ordered by typing *713*6958# on mobile.

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