Daddy Showkey brags about his ‘bedmatic’ skills, says he’s a 4-hours machine (video)

Daddy Showkey has come out to debunk rumours going round on the internet suggesting he is sick.

While most Nigerian celebrities would rather opt for a written statement to debunk rumours about themselves, Daddy Showkey has proven once again, that he isn’t like most Nigerian celebrities.

In a recent video which he shared on his Instagram page, the dreadlocks singer is captured on captured on camera in nothing but shorts and a pair of slippers, trying to convince his fans that he isn’t sick.

In the video, he can be heard bragging about his very ‘gallant’ health and even goes on to brag about his ‘bedmatic’ skills in what many would regard as an almost lewd manner.

According to the energetic singer, he isn’t a ‘4-seconds man but a 4-hours man, a machine.’

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