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Burna Boy Sets Record Straight About Writing Songs For Drake On Tim Westwood TV

Nigerian singer Burna Boy has set the record straight on Tim Westwood TV following his assertion that he authored five (5) songs on Drake’s ‘More Life’.

Two weeks ago, during the launch party for his flawless new album Outside, Burna Boy shared the story of how he had worked on five songs for Drake’s 2017 mixtape, More Life, and how the tracks ended up getting cut from the final product.

Following earlier reports detailing the incident, Nigerians on Twitter got really mad over what they considered to be an exploitative move by the Canadian rapper.

Well, Burna Boy thinks the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

During a recent interview with Tim Westwood, the afro-fusion singer decided to set the record straight about the whole controversy. He said that Drake sent him a couple beats to work on for More Life — which he happily did.

“It’s his decision. I don’t even know if it’s only his because, obviously, there’s a big team around him”, he said, about the songs not making the cut.

About feeling honoured that Drake even reached out in the first place, he continued:

“I don’t even know why people are making it such a big deal. It’s a big deal for him to even reach out to me in the first place — that’s my big deal. It’s not that deep.”

For the rest of the interview, he spoke about the rising ‘afro-music’ scene in the UK, how lit his Christmas in Lagos was and his favourite songs off his new album — “Ye”, “PH City Vibration”, “Sekkle Down” and “Outside”.

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