#BBNaija3: Nina reveals that she is unhappy and angry with Tobi

At a time when they are down to just five finalists in the Big Brother Naija house with just few days to go, one would think that all grudges would be over and the housemates can all live as a family but Nina is apparently angry at Tobi.

Nina revealed her anger to Tobi while the latter came to meet her when she was doing dishes in the kitchen. I’m actually angry at you but we’ll settle it outside the house. She told him.

Tobi then asked her to tell him what exactly had made her angry but she refused and insisted on settling it once they get outside the house.

Poor guy Tobi insisted and asked Nina to tell him what it is about but her response was negative, “No I can’t tell you what it is about”, Nina replied. Well its possible that Nina might be angry at Tobi because Miracle has told her something that Tobi said about her last week when both of them weren’t on talking terms, or it could also be that Nina thinks Tobi said something to Miracle.

On the other hand Tobi could have gossiped about her given that we all know how a gossip he can be on a good day!!!!.
At the moment the two (Nina and Tobi) are not on proper speaking terms and Tobi was bothered by this the entire evening and night yesterday.

And at night before they slept, Miracle also tried to get Nina to explain what makes her ‘unhappy’ about Tobi but she refused to give in. Miracle was of the view that Nina has apparently spoiled Tobi’s week

But like Nina said, lets hope they eventually settle this issues as soon as they get out of the house

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