A criminal is not a hustler – Ali Baba supports Simi, congratulates Ketandu Chiedu for her academic excellence

Recently, Nigerian songstress, Simi called out Yahoo boys and told them not to buy her music video CDs with their illegitimate money.

Quite a lot of people, celebrities included, came for her after she made this statement. Even her husband Adekunle Gold was dragged into it.

However, it would seem that comedian Ali Baba agrees with the R & B musician.

On his Instagram page, he shared a post to this effect. In the lengthy inscription, he stated the reasons why he thought Simi did the right thing by calling out these Yahoo boys.

But before he even went into this, Ali Baba congratulated Ketandu Chiedu, a young lady who has been granted admission to several Ivy league universities in USA. He stated how proud of her Nigerians were, and then, he plunged into addressing the issues.

He wrote:

First off, congratulations to #ketanduChiedu for the academic excellence. We are proud of you. Some days ago, @symplysimi called out people whose illegal activities were doing serious damage to our already battered, international reputation. She stated how it was affecting genuine businesses and social interactions. But instead of that to be a concern, many actually defended the criminals. We are still suffering from the consequences of elected criminals, who now fly in private jets with stolen public funds and now, even the unelected ones are growing wings. That’s why, flip cash, fixed odds, scams, stolen undies, give me N2000 to feed my younger ones, fake online business accounts, yahoo and the likes are on the increase. The people who bring this country honour are in the minority now. The lady pilot on Qatar airways didn’t get as many likes. But post that you are doing a 20k give away, you will get thousands of comments. Yet ones you say SOME youths are lazy, all the lazy ones begin to shout. And it’s bad enough that you are doing something illegal, justifying it doesn’t make it better. It makes you a horrible criminal. Everyone is a hustler. A criminal is not a hustler. A criminal is a criminal. Period

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