I Once Dated 17 Girls – Azigiza

Reverend Azigiza has disclosed that he once dated 17 girls before he became a Christian.

“At a point I was dating 17 and half girls; we were players. You know, we grow. Anybody who walks with Christ attains maturity. I remember I went to Cape Coast for a program and got this fine half cast girl.

“I took this girl to a hotel room, and when I turned off the light, I heard about seven people giggling, I turned on the light and the girl was looking fine, and I said no way, I’m the man, I turned it off again and I heard the giggling again. So I run to the toilet and started the Lord’s Prayer,” he narrated to Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday.

He further disclosed his love for women led him to study the bible only to impress and win over Christian women when he came into contact with them.

“Bola those days, I used to read the bible to chase ‘Chrife’ girls. I had my own demonic interpretation of the bible. Those days some pastors will come and wanting to talk to me about the bible; they were too shallow. And because the girls were also shallow they bought into it.

“I dated my teacher at age 11 and she was about 30. At a point in time, I had this woman who was far older than me and she used me very well. I was then 16 and she was about 40, she would give me canned beef and stuff like that. At the time, society had a way of applauding foolishness and we were basking in stupidity”.


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