Diaboress: Eva Adonoo Dazzles In New Movie

Lion Scope Production has cast rising Ghanaian actress Eva Adonoo as lead character in their upcoming film, ‘Diaboress.’

Disboress is an adaptation ‘Diabolo’ which was popular in the 90’s and is aimed at deterring people from indulging in prostitution and cheating in relationships.

The actress having completed her Master’s program at the Northampton University, UK (Masters in Business Administration) indicated that Diaboress is a female goddess who came to earth to deal with men who chase anything in skirt.

“It was fun playing this particular role, in view of the fact that I was in charge of manipulating the men instead of it being the other way round, what happens at the end of each victim’s story after ‘Diaboress’ flavored touch remains suspense for viewers to watch and see,” she told the media.Eva, known for her delicate looks, precision and accuracy with her script in previous roles in ‘Casper’s Energy’, is well-known as an actress and model in China.

When asked where she want to find herself as an actress in the coming years, the actress responded; “first of all I’d want my movies to have positive impact on viewers, lessons are to be learnt from every movie I feature in. So by the end of this year what I’d want most is to see me grow more in the movie industry, as my job gives me the opportunity to reach out to people about important causes that deserve attention and aid, I’ll continue to develop my voice as an actress to reach out to the world.”Some of her recent works aside ‘Diaboress’ are ‘Red Rose,’ ‘My City Dairy’ by W.K Production, ‘Grey Dust’ by ‘Pluto Pictures,’ where she played a supporting role.

Others are ‘Any other Day’ by Sitcom Nefliz Films, ‘The Polymaths’ by Bot Studioz, ‘How it Hurts’ JuicyBiz Entertainment and ‘Love Language’ by V.nation Pictures.

She also played a role in OneHaus Factory production’s ‘Hello December’, a short film on YouTube and ‘Altar of Grace’, a TV series from Juicy biz entertainment.

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